31 December 2020

Why is Nuts Consumption Important?

Many of the nuts have many useful ingredients, such as vitamins, proteins, minerals. In this way, nutritionists recommend the consumption of nuts.

There are many types of nuts. Due to the benefits of nuts varieties to the body, dietitians recommend that they be consumed frequently on diet lists. Nuts are an excellent source of fiber, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. It is among the first nutrients to be applied when the body's resistance decays. Nuts both protect health and cope with infections in the body.

What are the Benefits of Consuming Nuts for the Body?

Among the benefits provided to the body by nuts are strengthening the immune system. In order for the body to become resistant to diseases and to regain a person's deteriorating health in a short time, there are many useful varieties of nuts. Among them; Walnuts, almonds and nuts attract attention. It has been determined by research that consumption of walnuts largely prevents cancer. The compound containing “γ-Tocopherol” is found in walnuts, almonds and nuts. This compound has content that supports the immune system.

One of the remarkable features of nuts is that it gives high energy to the body. Nuts, which are rich in protein, vitamins and carbohydrates, should also be consumed while dieting. During the diet, it gives the person energy and fitness. In this way, it gives a feeling of satiety during snacks.

However, the main benefits of nuts consumption to the body are:

Prevents atherosclerosis.

Lowers cholesterol.

Contains antioxidants.

Improves intelligence.

It strengthens the mind.

It speeds up metabolism.

What Are The Benefits Of Nuts Consumption To The Skin?

Eating healthy is also reflected in the skin and hair. The beneficial content of nuts species ensures a healthy and radiant skin when taken regularly and in sufficient quantities. There are many types of nuts that beautify the skin. Among these, sunflower seeds attract attention first.

In general, people who have acne problems are told not to consume sunflower seeds. In fact, this belief is completely wrong. Sunflower seeds are very rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E makes the skin moist and healthy. Consuming sunflower seeds containing minerals and antioxidants in the right amount and unsalted form is extremely beneficial for body health.

One of the types of nuts that are good for the skin is walnuts. Walnuts are a powerful source of antioxidants. Walnut, which moisturizes the skin and prevents aging, also eliminates the destruction caused by the harmful rays of the sun. Pistachios, on the other hand, are a variety that is recommended to be consumed by people with dry skin. Pistachios containing intense vitamin E have a restorative and maintenance effect on the skin.

Another nut variety with little-known and valuable content is Brazilian walnut. Brazil nut makes skin shiny and soft. It also effectively fights against problems such as acne and eczema.


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