What is the Golden Berry?

22 October 2021
What is the Golden Berry?

What is the Golden Berry?

The golden berry, whose homeland is South America, is a fruit with yellow flowers. This fruit, which is also called by names such as southern lantern and ground cherry, has spread from Peru to the world for the first time. This fruit, resembling a sphere, attracts attention with its bright golden color. This valuable fruit, which is incredibly rich in antioxidants, is known all over the world as a golden fruit. In addition, the golden berry fruit is the fruit with the richest fiber content in the world. It has a very different content that is not in any food.

We can list the contents of this fruit as follows;

Carotene, vitamins B1 - B2 - B3 and C

Bioactive compounds such as itosterols, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids

The active ingredient of vitamin A is ß-carotene

Wittanolides and physalins with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antitumor, immunomodulatory and antiparasitic properties

Eight different alcoholides used in the content of herbal medicines

High amounts of potassium and calcium

What Are the Benefits of Golden Berry?

The benefits of the golden berry, which is popular for its anti-aging effect, are incredible. For almost more than 200 years, the golden berry plant has been used to treat gout. In Colombia, this fruit is used to treat asthma and treat urinary tract infections. Carotene contained in the fruit of the golden berry is a preservative against cancer.

Some of the benefits of the golden strawberry that do not stop counting are as follows;

It purifies the blood and the body from toxins.

It also speeds up the metabolism while regulating blood circulation.

It destroys harmful parasites that are in the digestive tract.

It strengthens the immune system.

It prevents skin cancer.

It has a diuretic effect.

It helps to lose weight.

It structures the visual nerves.

It cleanses the skin and stretches it.

It has an anti-aging effect.

It promotes the treatment of diabetes and heart diseases.

It supports the bone and skeletal development of children.

It helps with prostate treatment.

How to Eat Golden Berry?

The fruit contained in the plant can be eaten raw. It can also be consumed in the form of jam or juice according to preference. Dried golden berry can be added to desserts if desired, as well as consumed as a snack. Those who want to consume this fruit raw and fresh, of course, wonder about the question of where the golden berry grows. Although the homeland of this valuable food is South America, it is now also grown in our country. If you want to consume this valuable fruit, it is offered to you on our website with the most suitable golden strawberry price options, both fresh and organic. But since this fruit is a very valuable fruit, the price may be at a different level compared to other foods.

By including this fruit in your life, you are taking a very big health step. The best answer to the question of how to eat golden berries will be as you like. Because when the fruit ripens, the mixture of dates and strawberries takes on a form. It can be consumed easily like any fruit. It is ideal to consume 4-5 pieces per day. We cannot give an answer to the question of how much golden strawberries should be eaten as much as you would like. Because this fruit has strong nutritional values. It is generally recommended to everyone to eat only 4-5 pieces per day.


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