What is Menengic Coffee? (Turpentine Coffee)

26 October 2021
What is Menengic Coffee? (Turpentine Coffee)

What is Menengic Coffee? (Turpentine Coffee)

Menengic, a tree species from the family of gum trees, grows naturally in Turkey, especially in the mountainous areas of the Mediterranean, Central Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia regions. According to the regions, menengic coffee appears when the fruits of the menengic tree, which have different names such as çedene, çitlembik or çıtlık, are dried and roasted.

This coffee, which has a woody aroma, has a high nutritional value. It also supports slimming with its content, which helps to get rid of edema. The health benefits of this special coffee, which is very tasty and has its own taste, are also as follows:

While it cuts the cough, it also removes the phlegm.

It is effective against shortness of breath.

It relieves stomach pains.

It helps to pour kidney gravel painlessly.

It protects cardiovascular health.

It refreshes the skin and prevents wrinkles.

It has an aphrodisiac effect that is good for sexual health.

What are the Ingredients of Menengic Coffee?

Menengic coffee has a rich content, unlike all other coffees. It has a high protein value. It is also a health storehouse in terms of saturated fatty acid. It is rich in vitamins A, B1, B6, C, as well as vitamin E. The content of selenium, iron, copper, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and zinc is also high. Menengic coffee, which is also high in phosphorus content, is a complete healing source with its ingredients.

This delicious coffee, which has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, also has a satiating property. In addition, the phosphorus contained in it activates the metabolism quickly. We can definitely say yes to those who are wondering if menengic coffee, which also facilitates the elimination of toxins, weakens. Even dieters are advised to drink this coffee. Because this coffee, which has both healthy and purifying properties, facilitates fat burning.

But if you are going to drink this coffee to help lose weight, you should definitely not use sugar and cook coffee with skim milk. Thanks to the content of vitamin E, you can feel satiety for a long time. Menengic coffee is also a useful coffee in terms of sexuality. Due to its aphrodisiac effect, it increases sexual potency and stimulates sexual life.

How is Menengic Coffee Made?

There are different recipes and different ways of making coffee prepared with menengic. Each region may have its own cooking techniques. The most commonly preferred menengic coffee is made as follows;

Put semi-skimmed milk or skim milk in a coffee pot. Add the coffee and optionally the sugar. Cook over low heat with stirring. It is made like Turkish coffee, but the important detail is to constantly mix. After the first boil, take the coffee pot from the cooker and put it in the cup after the first boil. Then keep the coffee pot on the cooker for a short while longer. Finally, add the remaining coffee to the cup and drink it with pleasure.

If you want, you can also prepare it with milk so that menengic coffee with milk has a soft drink. Menengic coffee is also an economical coffee in terms of price. You can benefit your health by drinking a cup of this incredibly useful coffee a day. By drinking this coffee, you can feel fitter, healthier and lighter. You can check out the fresh and original menengic coffee varieties on our website.

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