What is Dibek Coffee and How is it Made?

14 September 2021
What is Dibek Coffee and How is it Made?

What is Dibek Coffee and How is it Made?

Dibek coffee, which has been on the agenda frequently in recent years, is a very tasty coffee inherited from the Ottoman Empire. The meaning of the word Dibek can be expressed as having been hammered. Dibek is actually an expression of the way coffee is made, not coffee. At the same time, this word also means pestle, which is used to crush cereals.

In the Ottoman period, dibek wells were located in many places for this coffee. Over time, these wells disappeared, but the ingredients of the coffee remained the same. Although the construction of Dibek coffee has changed, the content and wonderful taste are still the same today.

Inside this delicious coffee, there are special ingredients that provide this unique flavor;

Turkish Coffee


Turpentine Coffee


a blend of powdered thyme



These ingredients, which give the coffee its unique aroma, make the coffee soft and abundantly sparkling. This coffee, which is much lighter in color than Turkish coffee, has a soft taste. In addition to being very tasty, it also has many benefits for health.

What are the Benefits of Dibek Coffee?

Dibek coffee, which adds color to the taste of coffee with its soft taste and its own flavor, provides many benefits to health with its ingredients. It is a healthy drink, as its protein content is also high.

The benefits of this delicious coffee can be listed as follows;

This coffee, which reduces stress, has a sedative effect.

It supports stomach health and facilitates digestion.

It has a pain-relieving property.

It suppresses the feeling of hunger for a long time.

It prevents unpleasant halitosis.

It supports skin health (can be used as a mask).

It supports brain health and strengthens memory.

If consumed regularly a day, it regulates the digestive system.

It helps to overcome stress and negative excitement.

If you have headaches, drinking this coffee will do you good. Drinking this coffee during a diet helps to lose weight, loss of appetite. You can also make a face mask with coffee grounds. With the benefits of Dibek coffee, you can be more peaceful by improving the quality of daily life.

How is Dibek Coffee Made?

The coffee pot is used in the same way when making dibek coffee, which is similar to making Turkish coffee. Let's also mention that it should not be drunk more than 3 cups a day when telling you how to make it and what is Dibek coffee. Because if it is consumed too much, it can cause palpitations.

You can make this delicious coffee just like Turkish coffee. You should add coffee and sugar to coffee pot according to the number of people. For the measure, you can use a dessert spoon. Your coffee will be tastier if you use purified water. After adding coffee to the coffee pot according to the measure, you can put water in it. After gently stirring the coffee in the coffee pot, you can put it on the cooker to cook.

You should not mix the coffee so that the foam does not disappear when cooking your coffee on a heavy fire. When the coffee boils, its foam will also form. It is more foamy than Turkish coffee. You can choose to cook it with or without sugar. You can consume your soft-tasting coffee with pleasure and you can also serve it to your guests. If you want a softer and lighter coffee, dibek will be suitable for you.


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