What Are the Nuts That Can Be Consumed Raw?

11 February 2022
What Are the Nuts That Can Be Consumed Raw?

What Are the Nuts That Can Be Consumed Raw?

Raw nuts, which stand out for their healthy benefits, are presented in unprocessed form. The healthiest nuts that can be consumed fresh and raw without any processing add quality and flavor to your life.

Preferring raw nuts as snacks supports a healthy eating routine. You can eat raw nuts, which can also be consumed while dieting, as low-calorie snacks. We can list healthy nuts that can be consumed raw as follows;

  • Crushed walnut
  • Raw almonds
  • Crushed hazelnut
  • Raw Pistachios
  • Raw cashews
  • Raw shelled peanuts
  • Raw pumpkin seeds
  • Raw Brazil walnuts,
  • Peeled raw peanuts
  • Raw Pecans

What Nuts Are Eaten When Dieting?

For a healthy and fit life, it is necessary to be within the weight range determined by the body mass index. Getting rid of extra pounds, on the other hand, can be possible with diet and sports. Dietary types of nuts are an important part of healthy diets. Because nuts such as raw almonds keep you full, provide protein and vitamin support, and meet the need for snacks.

If you are wondering which nuts to eat in the diet, you can check out the list above. But it should be remembered that these nuts, which we are counting, can be consumed in certain quantities in the diet. If you are wondering what is the lowest calorie nuts, we can say that raw nuts stand out again. The lowest calorie nuts are roasted chickpeas. A handful of roasted chickpeas is 24 calories.

What Is the Difference Raw and Roasted Nuts?

In order to give the nuts a flavor, aroma and crispy texture, raw nuts can be roasted. But there are varieties of nuts that can also be consumed raw without roasting.

The structure and chemical composition of raw and roasted nuts differ from each other. For nuts such as raw cashews, roasting can also be done to separate the nut from its shell. Raw nuts are a dietary option that supports the diet. Because raw nuts have lower calories. The nutritional value of raw nuts is also higher. All these products can be found on our page, you can buy them at affordable prices, as well as in their freshest form.

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