What are the Differences between Raw Hazelnuts and Roasted Hazelnuts?

11 January 2022
What are the Differences between Raw Hazelnuts and Roasted Hazelnuts?

What are the Differences between Raw Hazelnuts and Roasted Hazelnuts?

Hazelnut is a snack that attracts attention with its taste and nutritional value. Rich in vitamins of group B, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins, these nuts are a treasure for health. It is possible to consume nuts, which are among the health hazelnuts, both raw and roasted. Hazelnuts are nuts with a shell. But there are also varieties of hazelnuts that are presented without a shell. The raw and roasted versions of hazelnuts differ from each other in terms of taste and nutritional value. The differences between raw hazelnuts and roasted hazelnuts can be listed as follows:

In the raw form of nuts, there are 2 times more antioxidants than in the roasted form.

The roasting process causes free radicals to form as healthy fats contained in hazelnuts are oxidized. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the roasting time of the hazelnuts short.

Raw hazelnuts are rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. But these fatty acids are lost in the hazelnuts that are left in the roasted state.

In roasted hazelnuts, the absorption of minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus is impaired.

The Benefits of Roasted Hazelnuts

Regular consumption of these hazelnuts, which are very tasty and useful in any form, is important for health. The roasted version of the hazelnut is more delicious than the raw one. Therefore, the consumption of roasted hazelnuts is greater. In order to consume roasted hazelnuts in a healthy way, it is necessary to roast them at 140 degrees for less than 15 minutes and consume them in 3 days. Roasted hazelnuts are rich in calories. Therefore, it is useful to consume it in moderation. The benefits of roasted hazelnuts can be listed as follows:

It stabilizes blood sugar.

It strengthens memory.

It reduces the risk of diabetes.

It prevents cramps and muscle aches.

It keeps you full for a long time.

It strengthens the nervous system.

The Benefits of Raw Hazelnuts

Raw hazelnuts, which are rich in essential macronutrients, are an important nut that supports healthy life. Since hazelnuts have a good effect on health, it is especially useful to consume them at snacks. Raw hazelnuts are lower in calories than roasted hazelnuts. Therefore, it can be used in moderation in diets. The benefits of raw hazelnuts can be listed as follows:

It protects against the risk of cancer.

It is effective in heart health.

It strengthens immunity.

It lowers bad cholesterol.

It maintains brain health.

It is effective in preventing constipation.

You can consume hazelnuts alone as a snack or in homemade snacks. In order to purchase the highest quality hazelnuts, which we preserve their nutritional value by roasting in ideal conditions, you can order them right from our website.

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