What Are the Benefits of Winter Tea?

07 December 2021
What Are the Benefits of Winter Tea?

What Are the Benefits of Winter Tea?

In the harsh weather conditions of the winter months, the human body becomes more vulnerable to diseases. Especially our immune system, which protects us against diseases, needs to be strengthened in winter. It is precisely at this point that winter tea comes into play as a storehouse of natural healing.

In order to get the vitamins and other nutritional values we need to strengthen the immune system together, we can consume winter tea that are a mixture of healthy plants in the winter. There are different recipes of these winter tea, which also have a protective effect against infectious diseases. But first of all, let's list the benefits of winter tea;

It increases the body's resistance to diseases.

It is good for flu and cold ailments.

It is good for sore throat and cough.

It helps to relieve bone and muscle pain.

It is good for stomach and abdominal pain.

It is good for fatigue and relieves stress.

It's good for respiratory problems.

It relaxes the body.

What Are the Ingredients of Winter Tea?

The mixtures contained in winter teas differ depending on the plants contained in them. In general, if we look at what is in winter tea, we see that it stands out in all teas, including linden, sage, ginger turmeric, cinnamon, rosehip, mint and cloves. These plants must necessarily be in an effective winter tea.

Apart from these; Medicinal plants such as avocado, mate leaf, green tea, dandelion, chamomile, ginseng, eucalyptus, hibiscus, galangal, clove, sage or echinacea can be included in the mixture of winter teas. Orange, apple, lemon or quince peels can also be added to this mixture.

There are many different winter tea recipes. It is important to look at the content of winter teas. Because the answer to such questions as whether pregnant women can drink winter tea depends on the content. For example, hibiscus and sage are not suitable for pregnant women.

Each plant contained in the mixture of this healthy tea has different healing effects. But in general, these plants are very effective in strengthening the immune system. The price ranges of winter tea also vary depending on the plant content and weight. When buying winter teas, it is important to pay attention to their content. For example, someone with liver problems can benefit by drinking a tea containing dandelion.

How to Brew Winter Tea?

Winter tea should be brewed without boiling, no matter what herbs it consists of. The answer to such questions as how to make winter tea, how to brew it, is quite simple. You can put the mixture in a teapot or french press for brewing. You can also brew your tea by boiling water and adding it to the mixture.

You can also prepare your own winter tea recipe by taking different plants. You can make your tea more delicious by adding honey and lemon. If you are wondering how many times a day winter tea is drunk, we can say that one cup is enough. The special recipe for an effective winter tea mixture;

2 tablespoons of rosehip and linden

1 tablespoon of hibiscus and sage

3 eucalyptus leaves

2 small pieces of ginger

Adding these herbs to hot water, you can brew your tea, making it an important step to healthy days.

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