What Are the Benefits of the Dried Silverberry?

23 November 2021
What Are the Benefits of the Dried Silverberry?

What Are the Benefits of the Dried Silverberry?

Silverberry trees, which delight with their pleasant smell, can be found in many regions of our country. Although it is not well known, dried silverberry is a plant whose flowers, leaves and fruit are valuable. The silverberry tree, which is believed to give calm and tranquility to the place where it is located, is also mentioned as a medicinal tree species in myths.

One of the most remarkable properties of the dried silverberry is that it helps to reduce stones in the kidneys, especially in the gallbladder. Tea made from silverberry fruit helps to cleanse the digestive tract. Another valuable property of the dried silverberry is that it contains a high amount of omega 7 fats.

The benefits of omega oil derivatives for the body are quite large. Dried silverberry prices may vary depending on the quality and weight.

The unknown benefits of silverberry are as follows;

It is effective in stopping coughing.

It regenerates the skin thanks to the omega 7 contained in it.

As a vitamin and magnesium-rich food, it strengthens the immune system.

It is effective against colds and viruses.

It helps to reduce kidney stones and kidney gravel.

Reduces the effects caused by eczema.

What is Silverberry?

Silverberry is the name given to both the fruit and the tree. Silverberry tree is a special kind of tree that can grow even on the most unproductive soils, as it is able to store nitrogen. The leaves of the tree can remain green in summer or winter.

Silverberry is a plant that uses both leaves and fruits in terms of its benefits. The fruit of the silverberry, also popularly known as the fire thorn, has a sourish taste. Fruits become yellow and brown shades. Since the silverberry tree can grow anywhere, it is also one of the trees planted against erosion. It is also often planted outside the gardens because it has a pleasant smell. When we look at what is good for the silverberry, we can say that it is good for kidney diseases first.

In addition to oral health, it is also very useful for dental health. Those who have urinary problems can consume silverberry daily in consultation with a doctor. Silverberry can be consumed in various ways to benefit from its benefits. Tea is made from its leaves, it can also be consumed as a fruit. The pleasant smell of silverberries is also good for mental fatigue.

How Much Are the Caloric Values of the Silverberry?

Silverberry has a calorie content of 18 calories per 100 grams. It is rich in vitamins A and C, as well as potassium. However, when consuming this fruit, plenty of water should be drunk. Because the dried silverberry has a water retention property. When answering the question of how to eat dried silverberry, let's also note that you need to be careful about silverberry consumption. Since excessive consumption will cause constipation, it will be the best choice not to consume more than a handful per day.

The calorie values of the silverberry can be sorted as follows; The silverberry has 118 kcal for energy maintenance. There are different oils in it. The fat content is 0.23 grams, and saturated fat is -0.011 grams. Also monounsaturated fat is -0,026 grams, and polyunsaturated fat is -0,118 grams. In terms of carbohydrates, it is also 5.20 grams. Vitamin A is 250 mg, and vitamin C is 450 mg. it has a fiber content of 2.9 grams, while 14.86 grams of sugar is also found. In fact, although it seems that the sugar content is high, this sugar is also a natural sugar. Dried silverberry is also a very economical fruit in terms of its prices.

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