What are the Benefits of Sugar Coated Chickpeas?

10 December 2021
What are the Benefits of Sugar Coated Chickpeas?

What are the Benefits of Sugar Coated Chickpeas?

If you need a secret hero when dieting, you should definitely discover the sugar coated chickpeas. This low-calorie and sodium-rich little hero can easily save you from getting high calories during the day.

Sugar coated chickpeas, which is a stomach-friendly dry food, allows you to feel full for a long time thanks to its fibrous structure. The fact that it is rich in vitamins and proteins makes this chickpea more than a healthy dry food. The nutritional value of white sugar coated chickpeas is as follows;

100 grams of sugar coated chickpeas;

It contains

357 kcal calories

58 gr carbohydrates

7.7 gr fiber

19.9 gr of protein

5 gr of fat.

Sugar coated chickpeas also have a high nutritional value in terms of vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium and iron. It is also rich in zinc, folate, phosphorus and magnesium. Thanks to the high fiber content, this kind of sugar coated chickpeas, which strengthens the digestive system, allows the intestines to work quickly and healthily.

It is beneficial for eye health, heart health, immune system. The benefit that stands out of sugar coated chickpeas ​is the satiety property of this chickpea. Therefore, it is an ideal snack for those who are on a diet and want to lose weight.

Does Sugar Coated Chickpeas ​Make You Gain Weight

This kind of sugar coated chickpeas, consumed simply, without sauce, will not cause weight gain. On the contrary, it can help to lose weight thanks to its satiating effect. If we look at how many calories are in sugar coated chickpeas, we see a value as low as 357 calories per 100 grams. A handful of sugar coated chickpeas is about 72 calories. This low-calorie, high-protein and fiber-containing chickpea can be preferred for snacks when dieting.

You can also consume this chickpea to suppress hunger and balance stomach acids. Sugar coated chickpeas is a protein-rich food source. You can close a significant deficit in protein by eating a handful of chickpeas a day. This chickpea can keep you full for a long time thanks to its high fiber content. It helps you lose weight. Of course, excess of everything is harm. But if you also eat this chickpea a lot, it can lead to weight gain. Eating a handful a day will benefit you in many ways, while also helping you lose weight.

How Many Calories Are in Sugar Coated Chickpeas?

If you can't cope with the constant feeling of hunger, this chickpea can be a very good solution to this problem. There are 70 - 75 calories in a handful of sugar coated chickpeas. You can quench your hunger by eating a handful of sugar coated chickpeas.

The question of how to make sugar coated chickpeas is also an important one in terms of calorie and nutritional value. Sauced and processed sugar coated chickpeas, of course, will be much more caloric. Therefore, you should consume unprocessed, sauce-free sugar coated chickpeas. If you are looking for a healthy snack, you can choose this sugar coated chickpeas ​as a nut that is both low-calorie and very useful. Although the price ranges of sugar coated chickpeas vary depending on the quality and weight, this chickpea is a fairly economically priced nut.

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