What Are the Benefits of Hazelnut?

22 October 2021
What Are the Benefits of Hazelnut?

What Are the Benefits of Hazelnut?

Hazelnut, which has been known since ancient times dec preferred due to its taste as well as its benefits, is among the most commonly consumed nuts today. In ancient Chinese sources, hazelnuts are mentioned as one of the valuable fruits that god has given to people. Tarih boyunca bu eşsiz yemiş, dünyanın her yerindeki insanlar tarafından sağlıklı yaşam tarzı gıdalarından biri olarak kabul edildi.

According to the oldest records, it is seen that hazelnut spread to the world from the Black Sea. And in ancient Rome, it was believed that it would bring happiness to a person, so one of the most valuable gifts was a nut tree. It is even found in the traditions of the French to give hazelnuts to the newlyweds, as it increase fertility.

The effects among the benefits of hazelnut are as follows;

It strengthens the immune system.

It strengthens the nerves.

It maintains brain health.

It protects the heart and vascular health.

It helps lower cholesterol.

It protects against cancer.

It delays aging.

It rejuvenates the skin.

It increases sexual potency.

It gives energy, it is good for fatigue.

It helps to treat anemia.

It's good for varicosis.

It's reduces the risk of heart attack.

It is good for constipation.

It increases breast milk.

How Should the Consumption of Hazelnuts Be?

Studies show that people who eat 4 or 5 hazelnuts a day have a 20% reduced risk of dying. Thanks to the effect of hazelnuts on heart health, it becomes possible to live longer.

However, it is not very recommended to consume hazelnuts raw. Roasted hazelnuts are more suitable for consumption in terms of their benefits. Unfortunately, hazelnuts consumed in raw form can lead to undesirable problems such as diarrhea in some people. Therefore, it is important to see the beneficial effects of consuming roasted hazelnuts.

In sunlight, fresh hazelnuts dried in natural ways are very useful. Consumption of a handful of hazelnuts a day is a healthy and beneficial form of consumption. Hazelnuts can be consumed regularly 4-5 times a day. Different kinds of hazelnuts can also be preferred. But the most healthy hazelnuts are fresh and natural ones. Ready-roasted hazelnuts can be bought, as well as varieties offered without roasting. Expectant mothers can increase breast milk by consuming hazelnuts during pregnancy.

What Are the Vitamins In Hazelnuts?

The nutritional content of hazelnuts is quite strong. Thanks to the rich vitamin E contained in hazelnuts, it is also good for anemia. (Due to the effect of vitamin E on preventing the breakdown of red blood cells) It gives a feeling of satiety with a high fiber content. Vitamin B6 in hazelnuts supports the healthy functioning of the nervous system. Tryptophan and isoleucine amino acids make you feel good mentally and psychologically.

Fiber in nuts stabilizes blood sugar. Magnesium-rich hazelnuts, also muscles to strengthen. Flavonoids and antioxidants are the ingredients that provide the benefits of hazelnut to the skin. Those who want to consume this delicious food in their diet often ask the question of whether nuts are eaten in the diet. Hazelnuts can also be preferred in diets with their satiety property. But such varieties as salted hazelnuts should not be preferred in the diet.

It is also very rich in protein and fiber. It also has a little bit of fat content. We can express that there will be no such problem if the hazelnuts are not consumed too much to those who are wondering if they will gain weight. Consuming 4 - 5 nuts a day will not you gain weight, but also help you lose weight with its healthy effects that extend your life. Since hazelnut is a suitable food in terms of prices, everyone can easily access this food and take an important step to maintain their health.

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