What Are the Benefits of Dried Dates?

30 November 2021
What Are the Benefits of Dried Dates?

What Are the Benefits of Dried Dates?

Date is the fruit of hot climates. The date, which is have fresh and dry varieties, is more commonly known as the dry one in our country. Date, which grows on trees up to 30 meters tall, is usually consumed during Ramadan in our country. However, because it has a high nutritional value, it is extremely useful to consume it regularly.

Date is an imported fruit. The benefits of dates are such that it surprises those who have heard of it. Dried date often finds a place in diet lists due to the fact that it gives a strong feeling of satiety. Dried date, which does not contain cholesterol, although it is a powerful nutrient, stabilizes blood pressure. It has a high content of vitamins A and B. For this reason, it has a blocking role against memory loss.

In addition, dried date is a fruit with a lot of fiber. Thanks to its fibers, it regulates the digestive system, even if it is dried. Iron and calcium are also present in dates. Therefore, it is effective in strengthening bones and preventing anemia.

What are the Types of Dried Dates?

There are more than one variety of dates that loves a warm climate. Since some varieties are suitable for growing at low temperatures, their species are found growing in the Mediterranean region. Date varieties are usually named according to the region where they are grown. Bahri, Safavi, Hudri, Mebrum, Medjoul and Benli are dates of Arabian origin.

Dates of Algerian, Tunisian and Iranian origin are also available in our country. Dayri, Bahri and Emir Hajj dates are Iranian dates. Dayri, Bahri and Emir Hajj dates are Iranian dates. Bahri dates are sweet, Emir Hajj dates are semi-sweet, but fleshy. Mebrum date varieties of Medina origin have a soft dry structure. The Jerusalem date is one of the dried dates that is loved and very much appreciated.

Due to its pleasant aroma, dried date is very loved by everyone, young or old. Because it strengthens the bones, it is recommended to consume it especially for children in development and adults who are at risk of bone resorption.

Nutritional Value of Jerusalem Date

All varieties of dried dates are rich in nutritional value. But the content of the Jerusalem date has richer values than other dates. The amount of Iron, Copper, Potassium, Magnesium, B Vitamins, fiber and calcium is greater in this dried date. Because it has such a rich content, its calories are slightly higher than other dried dates. That is why it is useful to consume this dried date in measured.

Because it has a high antioxidant property, it helps protect cells from oxidative damage that leads to heart disease and brain disease. It also makes the skin glow and makes the hair stronger. Dried date prices vary depending on the variety. You can use Jerusalem date, which is also rich in phenolic acids, as a natural sweetener for making desserts.

How Many Calories in Dried Dates?

Dried date, which has many benefits for health and gives a feeling of satiety for a long time, is very loved by all age groups. People who want to lose weight in a healthy way show great interest in the dried date diet due to its high antioxidant properties and satiety.

This nutrient, which is also very rich in fiber, also speeds up bowel movements thanks to this feature. Regular functioning of the digestive system makes it easier to lose weight. Dried dates are also a food rich in calories. 1 piece of dried date is 42.2 calories. But since it has many positive benefits for human health, it is recommended to consume it in moderation. The price of dried date is in price ranges that are within easy reach of everyone.

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