What Are the Benefits of Cashew?

16 November 2021
What Are the Benefits of Cashew?

What Are the Benefits of Cashew?

Cashew is one of the most popular nuts of recent years. The climatic conditions of Turkey are not suitable for cashews growing around the equator. The benefits of imported cashew are remarkable. In order to be able to effectively feel the benefits of cashew nuts, which have a positive effect on many areas of the body, from eye health to the immune system, they must be consumed regularly.

This nut, which has a different aroma, protects the structure of the retina, strengthens the immune system, helps hair grow quickly, keeps the body full for a long time, helps balance cholesterol, protects the bone and muscular system, promotes mental development, helps regulate the heart rhythm and promotes skin health.

What is Cashew?

Cashew is a type of peanut that grows in tropical climates. This nut is obtained from the fruit of the cashew tree. Unlike many other nuts, cashews thrive outside of their fruit. Collecting cashew and cleaning it from its fruit is a laborious task. The process of picking and separating from the fruit is carried out manually and individually.

Cashews are usually available on the market without a peel and roasted. It is also possible to find cashew in our country with raw and shelled options in recent years. The cashew tree grows from 6 to 14 meters in height. The amount of cashews collected from a tree is limited. A 25-year-old tree, despite its rather tall stature, gives 15 kilograms of cashews, the tree of this nut grows in humid and hot climates. Cashew has a slightly sweet and slightly salty taste.

Nutritional Value of Cashew

Cashew is a very rich nut in nutritional value. The benefits of cashew are available due to this rich nutritional value. Thanks to the vitamins A, B, C contained in this nut, as well as vitamins E, it helps maintain body resistance. Thanks to vitamins E and B1, it also supports the elimination of both hair and scalp problems.

The high content of calcium contained in cashews positively supports muscular system and bone development. Therefore, it is important to ensure that children of growing age consume cashews. The benefit of cashew is also effective on babies who are still in the womb. The child of a prospective mother who regularly consumes cashews during pregnancy does not easily experience eye problems. You can consume cashew in moderation, which has many benefits for all age groups.

How Many Calories are Cashews?

Cashew is a nut that can be used in various dishes and salads. Thanks to its different aroma, it adds a different flavor and richness to each dish in which it is used. Since the amount of fat in cashew is excessive, the calorie content of cashew is also high. 1 cashew nut contains 11 calories, and 100 grams of cashew contains about 550 calories. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of consuming cashew in moderation. In order to evaluate the benefit of cashew, it is enough to take care of regular consumption, not a high amount.

Cashew Prices

Since cashew is an imported peanut variety, cashew prices are slightly higher than peanuts grown in our country. Therefore, the kilogram of cashew may seem a little expensive compared to other types of nuts. But since cashew is a food that should be consumed in moderation, it is useful to take it on a gram basis, not on a kilogram basis.

It is a little difficult to maintain the freshness of nuts taken on the basis of kilogram in a home environment. Therefore, it is useful to make purchases of nuts on a gram basis or store varieties of nuts in jars with a tightly closed lid.

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