What are the Benefits of Dried Dates?

24 December 2021
What are the Benefits of Dried Dates?

What are the Benefits and Varieties of Dried Dates?

Dried date, which is the fruit of a hot climate, is usually consumed dry in our country and during the month of Ramadan. Dried dates are a very powerful source of nutrients. Therefore, it is worthwhile that its consumption is not limited only to the month of Ramadan.

There are more than one variety of date palm, which is imported to our country more and more. The benefits of dried dates are extremely remarkable. It is important to include dried date varieties that are very rich in nutritional value in the daily diet in order to support the general state of health. Consuming dried dates on an empty stomach and having an intermediate meal with a few dried dates is the most ideal form of consumption of dried dates.

Varieties of Dried Dates

There are more than one variety of dried dates, which has its own unique taste and smell. The varieties of dried dates and the general characteristics of these dried dates can be listed as follows:

Jerusalem Dried Dates: Jerusalem dried dates, which is rich in nutritional value as well as in taste, is more caloric than other dried dates. Therefore, it is necessary to consume this dried date in moderation and with caution. This dried date, which is very rich in minerals, fiber and B vitamins, is considered the best dried date. Strengthening hair, beautifying the skin, helping to protect it from heart disease and brain damage are among the benefits of Jerusalem dried dates.

Medina Dried Dates: The Medina dried date, which is among the most consumed dates, has a soft structure, although it is dry. Strengthening the bones and preventing bone thinning are among the benefits of Medina dried date.

The Benefits of Dried Dates

The dried date, which attracts attention with its rich nutritional value and unique taste, is an ideal fruit to consume in the diet. Thanks to this, it is possible to get rid of weight problems by doing a dried date diet. Because of its sweet structure, the answers to questions such as how many calories in dried date, the ideal daily consumption amount are constantly on the agenda. Only 1 dried date has 42.2 calories. The benefits of dried dates, which are very curious, can be listed as follows:

It strongly creates a feeling of satiety.

It helps prevent memory loss.

It is effective in regulating the digestive system.

It's good for anemia.

It promotes bone development and health.

The prices of dried dates are determined according to the varieties of dates. Therefore, there are differences in their prices. Despite this, dried dates are presented in an affordable price range.

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