Turkish delight with Lotus biscuits

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  • Famous caramelized Lotus biscuits of Belgium, combined with traditional Turkish delight, create a wonderful taste. We are combining world’s and our country’s most known original tastes to prepare new formulas for you. For Turkish delight with Lotus biscuits, we combine unique tastes of Belgium and Turkey in one of our Turkish delight selections. Turkish delight with Lotus biscuits which can be consumed delightfully by those who are fond of Lotus biscuits, is produced under hygienic standards and can be ordered from our website as a fresh and healthy product. This Turkish delight which goes very well with coffee, can delightfully be consumed while you sip your coffee. If you look for a perfect taste to accompany your beverages, you may experience high taste quality with Turkish delight with Lotus biscuits. You may enjoy both the Belgian Lotus biscuits which increases the quality of the coffee and Turkish delight which is indispensable for Turkish coffee .

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