02 June 2021

The Adventure of Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is one of the most indispensable flavors of Turkish culture. Turkish delight varieties, each of which has different tastes and ingredients, are appreciated not only in our country but also in many countries around the world. In this way, Turkish delight always manages to be a favorite taste. In this article, we will tell about the historical adventure of Turkish delight and its pleasant journey as it took its current form.

The Exciting and Unforgettable History of Traditional Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is a world-known flavor that contains different tastes away from mediocrity. Some prefer plain, some prefer pistachio-flavoured, and some prefer double-roasted Turkish delight. The arrival of Turkish Delights in our country is A.D. It dates from 226-652. During the Sasanian period, one of the most important civilizations in history, there is a dessert called “abhisa”. Abhisa dessert is the first step of the Turkish delight in its present form. In fact, the construction of abhisa and Turkish Delight is very different from each other. But it is a fact that it is known as the first Turkish Delight in history.

Turkish Delight is a dessert that has managed to open up to the world starting from the Ottoman Empire. In those years, the delight was called” rahat ul-hulkum". The word used to mean” throat reliever." The recognition of Turkish delight in Europe is thanks to a British traveler. In the 18th century, this traveler takes rahat ul-hulkum to Europe. Europeans admired the taste and the glory of Turkish delight went from language to language In this way, Turkish Delight is opened from the Ottoman Empire to the world.

The first Turkish delight production corresponds to the year 1777. Haci Bekir Efendi, known as the first producer of Turkish delight, lived in Kastamonu. But he came to Istanbul and opened a shop. Turkish delight shop opened in Bahcekapi, although the shop is small, it attracted great attention. The taste and unique taste of Turkish delight allowed Haci Bekir Efendi to be taken to the palace. In this way, Haci Bekir Efendi made the confections of the Ottoman State.

Indispensable Duo: Coffee and Turkish Delight

One of the most popular traditions of Turkish culture is to drink coffee. But coffee is never served alone. The guest is served Turkish Delight along with coffee. In fact, serving coffee and Turkish delight together is also a habit from Ottoman times. The guest who came in those years is called “Let's eat dessert and talk dessert“ by serving Turkish Delight.

Lokum manages to see the intense interest it has received in our country in other countries as well. One of the people who likes Turkish delight is Napoleon. Napoleon, the President of the French Republic, cannot give up on Turkish delight from the first day he tried it. In those years, an acquaintance of Napoleon from the Ottoman Empire comes to Europe. Napoleon asks for Turkish delight from his acquaintance. But the incoming Turkish Delight is not a few packages, it is full crates.

One of the people who likes Turkish Delight is Picasso. The famous painter Pablo Picasso had made a habit of gathering his concentration by eating Turkish Delight before starting his works.

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