03 Agust 2021

Nuts Frequently Used in Cakes

Nuts are used not only for entertainment purposes, but also for ornamentation and flavor. Nuts can be added in cake, biscuit or even pastries. The unique flavor that nuts give to cakes is one of the main reasons why they are often preferred. Many cakes make sense along with the nuts added to them.

As a society, our favorite snacks include nuts. Nuts are consumed at every fun event and organization. The fact that our country is home to rich varieties of nuts makes it easier to find the flavor suitable for every palate. It is possible to classify nut varieties as unsalted and salty in general. Salted nuts are used in pastries, and unsalted nuts are used in cakes.


Nuts That Can Be Added to Cakes

Many nuts are added to birthday cakes. Pistachios are often added to cakes, while the added nuts leave an excellent flavor on the palate. Adding pistachios to the cake as a whole makes the flavor perfect.

Another flavor that can be added to the cake is hazelnuts. Especially the nuts added to chocolate cakes reveal a unique taste. Hazelnuts can also be added on waffles.

People who like different flavors can add cores to cakes. Especially the core added to salty desserts allows you to bring out a pleasant flavor. The core is not just used as an internal flavor. It can also be added to completely cover the cookie type cakes. In this way, the created core cookie becomes both aesthetic and delicious.


Nuts Used to Decorate Cakes

Aesthetic details are as important as the flavor of the cake. A cake that is beautiful in shape should be made, especially when welcoming incoming guests or making a birthday cake. There are many varieties of nuts that make the cake aesthetic.

Among them, pistachio is preferred first. Pistachios can be used as a whole or finely chopped. In particular, you can completely pour pistachios that you have pulverized on the cake. You can catch the difference by sprinkling pistachio insides on the cake, which has a very green appearance.

Hazelnuts are also often used in cake decorations. Just like pistachios, hazelnuts can be used in powder or coarse grain form. Sprinkling hazelnut on chocolate cake will add aesthetic and delicious appearance.

Of course, it is impossible not to mention almonds. Almond, which manages to be suitable for all kinds of cakes and pies, you can also use it in cake decoration. For this, you need to break the almonds into large grains. Sprinkle the broken almonds over the cake and on the sides. To add a little difference to the cake, you can drizzle the chocolate sauce on it.

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