Making Ashura with the Most Correct Types of Nuts

08 February 2022
Making Ashura with the Most Correct Types of Nuts

Making Ashura with the Most Correct Types of Nuts

According to the rumor, the ashura ingredients are the last remaining food varieties left in Noah's Ark. Because the ship stays in the water for months, the food on the ship runs out. Ashura soup, made from the last remaining foods, ensures the survival of all living things on board. What are the ingredients of ashura, how to make ashura questions are one of the most curious topics of those who have not made this delicious and special dessert before. Contrary to what is actually thought, ashura is quite easy to make.

Currently, the healthiest ashura ingredients are preferred to maintain the taste and consistency of the ashura, which is made and distributed in the month of Ashura every year. If you make ashura knowing the most correct ingredients, you can keep the consistency of sweet soup, which is both delicious and very useful.

Ingredients Needed For Making Delicious Ashura

Ashura is prepared by combining many useful foods from each other. Basically, dried fruits such as legumes, nuts, spices and raisins are included in ashura. In order to implement the recipe for Ashura, it is important that you first know what the most correct ingredients are. We can list the ingredients placed in Ashura as follows;

  • Ashura wheat
  • Rice, chickpeas and dried beans
  • Dried apricots, grapes and figs
  • Raw almonds
  • Walnuts and hazelnuts
  • Currants
  • Orange peel
  • Lemon peel
  • Clove
  • Sugar

Especially preferred types of nuts are important in making ashura. Nuts and dried fruits that give ashura its flavor can also be preferred according to your request.

The Right Consistency Ashura Recipe with the Right Ingredients

Ingredients such as nutmeat , which we listed above, are the must-haves of a delicious soup. However, there are different ashura recipes. In addition to ingredients such as walnuts in Ashura, other nuts can also be used.

We can list the steps of making Ashura in the simplest way as follows;

Ashura wheat is carefully washed.

Chickpeas and dried beans are boiled.

Dried figs and dried apricots are sliced.

Cloves are boiled in a coffee pot.

Peel oranges and lemons from the peel.

Wheat is placed in a large saucepan and water is added and cooked for half an hour.

After the wheat has completely drained, it is cooked on low heat for another hour.

Rice, lemon and orange peel are added to it.

Let it rest on low heat for 3 hours.

Raisins, dried beans and chickpeas are added with water.

In addition to raw almonds, dried apricots are also added after currants, nuts and walnuts.

Granulated sugar and boiled cloves are added with water.

All the ingredients are cooked by stirring.

Ashura is rested for 2 hours.

Finally, the soup is decorated on top.

One of the indispensable elements of making Ashura delicious is that the ingredients are high quality, fresh and natural. From this point of view, you can safely choose the ashura ingredients prepared for you in their most natural form on our page.

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