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  • Karışık Kuruyemişler
  • Enfes Türk Kahvesi
  • Bitki Çayları
  • Taze Baharatlarımız
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Original Fresh Nuts Belonging To Different Regions

Since our establishment, we always continue our services to deliver healthy, fresh and quality products to our customers. By adapting modern technologies to all our processes such as production, packaging and storage, we always ensure that you reach the best products for the health of you and your loved ones. We are constantly checking our producers and inspecting our processes in order to ensure that products produced naturally with the principles and high quality standards that are based on our business understanding that respects nature and people.

You can always find the most natural and freshest nuts on our pages. You can easily choose fresh products in the comfort of your home, and you can buy various products with different weight options. With our cargo opportunities reaching all over Turkey, you can consume healthy products under the guarantee of Uğurlu Shop brand without any problems. The products that come to your door will reach you properly preserved. Wherever you are, you can buy fresh and natural products with one click and the best price advantages.

Reach Naturalness and Freshness in Snack Products with One Click

You can find dried or raw nuts options on our pages. You can buy different, nutritious and beneficial products, and ensure that both you and your loved ones benefit from the benefits of fresh and natural nuts. As Uğurlu Shop, you have the opportunity to find on our pages from natural plants to roasted flavors, from dried fruits to Turkish Delights, from Turkish coffee products that are forty years old to cake ingredients for beautiful cakes and more. You can get the products you need among dozens of options at budget-friendly prices with the advantages we offer in online nuts sales. On our pages, you can reach natural flavors that have been carefully cultivated and collected, and you can get local flavors in a wide range of options. If you want, you can buy the legendary yellow roasted chickpeas with its taste, or you can enjoy healthy and fresh fruit in crowded family gatherings with mixed nuts.

Many products have the opportunity to easily find different varieties on our pages. From packaging to reaching you, you can shop safely with a guarantee of freshness and naturalness.

Affordable Prices for Natural and Healthy Nuts That Will Not Hurt Your Budget

As Uğurlu Shop, we always develop ourselves to offer the best to our valued customers in online nuts sales. By inspecting all the processes of our local producers, we ensure that the best products come from the field to your table in a healthy and fresh manner. From medicinal plants to dried fruits or nuts, from coffee varieties to confectionery, you just need to visit our pages to get options in a wide range of product categories. With the discounts and campaigns we offer for retail or wholesale products, you can shop at the most suitable nut prices without breaking your budget. You can buy products that will protect your health during the special nights you will spend with your loved ones, and you can start using useful nuts, fruits and natural plants whose freshness is assured.

As Uğurlu Shop, you can get our products at wholesale price with reliable shipping options. As one of the leading companies in offering organic products to consumers, we continue our services. With easy payment options, you can place your wholesale or retail nuts orders online. With easy payment options, you can buy different varieties of fresh nuts with our freshness guaranteed shipments. We offer you organic, healthy and fresh products without giving up on our goal of providing 100% customer satisfaction.

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